Premium Service

Premium Service

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) have decided to introduce premium services to customers who, for a variety of reasons, may not have the time to go through the normal procedures to access the services of the Authority.

This is part of measures being put in place to facilitate the delivery of services in order to satisfy the desires of our dear customers.

How does it Work?

Once a customer chooses to access the premium services, they will be ushered into a cosy room where they will be attended to expeditiously. Staff of the premier office will be at the disposal of the customer- help them fill forms, do payments on their behalf as well as all other leg work that may be involved in the process.

Target Groups:

The premier services are open to all customers who may want to make use of the facility.

Coverage Area

The project has begun at the Accra 37, Tema and Weija and Kumasi offices but will be eventually extended to all other offices depending on customer demand.

Services offered and the allotted time for the delivery of the service

All the 17 services that are offered by the Authority