I went to renew my driver's license at the DVLA at 37

News | May 04 2021

I went to renew my driver's license at the DVLA at 37

This morning I went to renew my driver's license at the DVLA at 37. I spent just about 20 minutes or so. More importantly, the employees were focused on doing their job and ensuring clients have no obstacles in their way.

They were so helpful, listening, clear in their directions as to what one must do after they are done with you.

There was a hitch with fetching my details. The young lady politely asked me to go to another staff, who graciously did her part and sent me off to another part of the building. The security guy realised I was going to miss my way to the building he nicely told me where to go.

When I got there, greeted the guy and gave him the photocopy of my license, he went straight to work, wrote on it and gave it back to me.

When I was done paying the fees, the cashier kindly told me where to go for the renewal. I got there, filled the required form, and was waiting for the client in front of me to be attended to. The guy sitting next to the lady attending to the client ahead of me called me, took my form and license, asked me to look into the equipment for eye test. He did the test, said, it's ok. When I lifted my head, he was handing back my license to me.

I went back to the first office, Room 1. They quickly processed it for me and asked me to go somewhere to get an invoice generated. As soon as I got there and there weren't many people, the guy called me and did that for me as quickly as he can and showed me where to make the fee payment.

I took it and asked him, "Is that all?"

He said, "Yes".

I was done!

Earlier I had told one of the staff, I'm wondering if the DVLA is still a Ghanaian institution being ran by Ghanaians. She smiled and said yes.

I told her whoever changed their work attitude deserves a statue in the middle of the place.

Good morning.