News | Sep 02 2017


Once again it is approaching January and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) will be embarking upon the indispensable exercise of issuing DV Trade Licence Plates to vehicles that are un-registered but which, for various reasons, have to ply the roads.

As part of measures put in place to ensure a successful programme, to help curb the misuse of the DV Plates, the Authority wishes to publish for the benefit of all persons who may want to deal in the Plates, the conditions that regulate the use of the Trade Licence Plates which are subject to the Road Traffic Act, 2004 (Act 683), Road Traffic Regulations, 2012 (L. I. 2180) and policies specified by the DVLA.

The Conditions are as follows:

1.A Trade Licence Plate shall be sold only by the DVLA and no other person/entity shall re-sell a Trade Licence Plate(s).

2.A trade licence is valid for a period of one year.

3. A Trade Licence Plate shall have the plates bearing the trade number FIXED on the front and rear of the motor vehicle.

4.A Trade Licence Plate cannot be used on more than one motor vehicle at any one time except in the case of a motor vehicle drawing a trailer and used for a prescribed purpose.

5. To use a motor vehicle for any purpose other than a purpose prescribed by the Regulations

6. A motor vehicle in respect of which a trade licence has been granted SHALL NOT be used to carry any Goods.

7. A trade licence does not authorise a motor vehicle for which the trade licence has been issued to be used to carry passengers, for hire or reward or passengers who are not engaged in testing the motor vehicle or inspecting the motor vehicle.

8. A trade licence shall be used in conjunction with the prescribed log-book and insurance cover.

9. A trade licence motor vehicle SHALL NOT be used for social events (e.g. funerals, engagements, weddings etc.) or by a learner licence holder.

10. Daily and every movement of a Trade Licence Plate on a motor vehicle shall be entered in the assigned log-book.

11. The Trade Licence Log-book shall be produced, upon request, to any Police Officer in uniform or Licensing Officer for inspection.

12. The Licensing Authority has the right to review this policy at any time without prior notice to applicants.