News | Sep 01 2017


It has come to the attention of the Management of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) that some unscrupulous persons are faking the electronic roadworthy sticker introduced by the DVLA recently in November, 2014 to deal with the rampant faking of the manual sticker by “Goromen”.

Since the introduction of the sticker, a number of drivers have been arrested by personnel of the MTTD and the cases are at various level in the law courts on their routine checks, personnel of the MTTD arrested two drivers who had a fake roadworthy sticker affixed to their vehicle and the two led the MTTD Officials to arrest those who produce the fake roadworthy stickers.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Electronic Roadworthy Sticker, unlike the Manual Sticker, is machine readable. It, therefore, captures and stores information of every vehicle that goes through the testing process thereby making it possible to verify whether a particular sticker is fake or genuine. Indeed, the introduction of the Electronic Roadworthy Sticker has made it possible for MTTD Officials, who have been provided a special hand-held devise by the DVLA, to arrest a number of drivers who use fake roadworthy stickers, for prosecution. Again during the process of roadworthy renewal, drivers who are found to have the fake roadworthy sticker pay for the cost of the sticker for the period for which they used the fake roadworthy sticker before being allowed to do the renewal.

Management of DVLA wishes to inform all drivers and vehicle owners that the new roadworthy sticker is machine-readable and therefore Officials of the MTTD have been equipped with machines provided by the DVLA to check the genuineness of roadworthy stickers.

DVLA, therefore, implores its valued customers to submit their motor vehicles to the nearest DVLA office or Private Vehicle Test Stations (PVTS) for roadworthiness inspection and genuine roadworthy certification so they do not fall foul of the law.

DVLA, Your Safety is Our Concern