Mobile Service

Mobile Service

The Authority in its quest to bring its services closer to the doorsteps of its customers have embarked on the Mobile Express Service (Dmobs). This service will ensure the comfort and convenience of customers. The service is rendered to corporate institutions, associations, tertiary institutions, organized driver unions such as PROTOA and GPRTU and any other recognized body or institution.The minimum number of services to be provided in any institution is twenty (20).


The following must be provided:

  1. The full name(s) of all persons requesting a service.

  2. Indicate the type of service requested by each person’s name.

  3. Read the service requirements below and make all necessary documentations ready.

  4. Apply formally to the address below:

  5. The Director, DTTL

  6. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

  7. 1 Jawaharalal Nehru Rd. Cantonments.

  8. P. O. Box K.I.A 9379

  9. Accra, Ghana.

  10. Attention:

  11. The Co-ordinator

  12. DVLA Express Mobile Services.

For further enquiry contact:

0577 736 863 or 020 657 4545.



Learner's driver licence


  1. Minimum age of 18years or above.

  2. Physical presence of applicant.

  3. Ability to read and comprehend English language.

  4. Three (3) recent coloured passport pictures.

  5. Valid ID e.g. Passport, Voter ID, students ID, National ID, Non-Citizen ID


  1. Pay and obtain Forms F, F1 and Learner card.

  2. Fill forms

  3. Undergo eye test

  4. Obtain learner licence, L-Plate, Syllabus and Highway Code.

  5. Register and train at any DVLA registered driver training institution.

Renewal of Leaner Driver’s Licence


  1. Expired learner driver’s licence.


  1. DVLA official verifies licence.

  2. Customer pays and

  3. Attach renewal receipt to learner licence.

Renewal of Driver’s Licence (2 years validation)


  1. Presence of applicant.

  2. Expired driver’s licence.

  3. One (1) recent coloured passport picture.

  4. Eye test (persons with aided sight should come along with their glasses).


  1. Verify licence (DVLA).

  2. Pay and obtain prescribed form(s).

  3. Undergo eye test.

  4. Obtain renewal sticker and collect your licence.

Replacement of Expired Driver’s Licence (after 6 years).


  1. Presence of applicant.

  2. Expired licence.

  3. Eye test. (Persons with aided sight should come along with their glasses).


  1. Verify licence (DVLA).

  2. Pay and obtain prescribed form(s).

  3. Undergo eye test.

  4. Capture biometric data and issue temporary driver’s licence.

  5. Collect full driver’s licence within 14 working days.

Replacement of Lost or Defaced Driver’s Licence


  1. Police extract. (Lost licences only).

  2. Any national ID card (lost licences only). However, where a defaced licence is such that it is difficult to identify the holder, ID card must be requested.

  3. Defaced licence.


  1. Pay for service

  2. Information search (DVLA).

  3. Undergo eye test (where required).

  4. Capture biometric data and issue temporary driver's licence.

  5. Collect full driver's licence within 14 working days.

International Driver’s Permit (IDP)


  1. Valid temporary or full driver's licence.

  2. Two (2) passport size pictures.


  1. Authenticate driver's licence.

  2. Pay and obtain application form.

  3. Fill and submit application form.

  4. Process application and issue IDP.

Conversion of Foreign Driver's Licence


  1. Valid and original driver's Licence.

  2. Photocopy of the driving licence.

  3. Valid and original passport.

  4. Photocopy of the Passport.

  5. Photocopy of Resident Permit (valid for one year). Foreign nationals only.

  6. Resident Permits that will expire in 2 months from the date of this application will not be accepted.

  7. Authentication from either the issuing Authority or Embassy of the applicant in the form of:

    1. Driving Records or

    2. II. Letter.

  8. Introduction letter from employers in Ghana. Foreign Nationals only.

  9. Valid Non-Citizen Registration Card. Foreign Nationals only.

  10. Applicant must be present. No agent will be entertained.

  11. Ghanaian nationals who hold other nationalities will be required to show either a resident permit or the Dual Citizenship registration card.

  12. All Driving Licences issued in any language other than English language must be translated into English language. Only translations from either the Ghana Institute of Languages Transbureau (show original payment receipt) or the Consulate of the issuing state will be accepted.

  13. Any other document that may be required by the licensing Authority from either nationals or foreign nationals.

  14. The Authority reserves the right to request that an applicant is subjected to its full driving test procedures and processes. This must be instructed by the Directorate.

  15. Approval from the Directorate is required for all applicants.


  1. Presence of applicant.

  2. Verification of documents. (Applicant can scan and email documents to and obtain approval ahead of time.

  3. Pay, obtain and complete prescribed form(s).

  4. Capture biometrics and issue temporary licence.

  5. Collect full driver’s licence within 14 working days.

Drivers’ Licence Upgrading


  1. Valid driver’s licence.

  2. Must have held the driver’s licence for a minimum of 2yrs in the present class.

  3. Evidence of retraining course certification from the National Driver’s Academy (where required).


  1. Present driver’s licence for Authentication.

  2. Pay, obtain and complete prescribed form(s).

  3. Obtain appointment for theory driving test.

  4. Continue at the nearest DVLA office